"Knowledge of art that I get formally provide me with an overview of the breadth, diversity and the hustle bustle of the art world"
About Me

Djoni Basri

Born in Jogya December 19, 1957.
Graduate from The Indonesian Institute of the Arts/Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (ISI) in 1988

My Works
As a statement, like anything else there is still a part of the totality that is based on personal capacity and enriched by the experience. In the process of taking the path of experience formally or informally, in principle, a process of 'discerning' in an effort to keep up and bridging the gap between the concept and visualization.

As a sculptor, I was shaped by experience, observation, and consciousness in everyday life of a family environment and local culture. Among them are religious poetical culture of Minangkabau, philosophical-mystical cultural of Central Java (jawatengahan) and warm but straightforward culture of East Java (jawatimuran) are stuck in my memories.

Knowledge of art that I get formally provide me with an overview of the breadth, diversity and the hustle bustle of the art world. Which at time gave a pride, but I have to come to a realization that it was a false image.

Through a process of soul-searching among other things some time in contact with everyday reality in general routines and activities workmanship, I affirm the attitude that art (fine art) is not just a profession (career) or finesse. It is in a way of life. Art is a 'marriage' between the identity of the artist and the complexity of the universal life, and work as it's 'children'.

My Mind
So far I have remain faithful, or stubborn, not to follow the strong current in the world of Fine Arts. Thing that likely to deprive artists of the roots of personality, tempted by the performance and feasibility of economically valuable in life.

I don't judge those who chose to go with the flow. And it's a faulty for me or anyone else to chose to my way.

Let me be a thorn bush in the wilderness, without having to turn into a rose without scent.

My Soul
In the corner of Kaaba, i shout unto You, Your pleasure pleaded hopefully.

O Allah allow me, to 'syiar' THY Tawheed.. THY Tawheed.. THY Tawheed.
Greatness, 'Almighty', power, truth, absolutes, and all
anything about THEE. In the languages You give.
Give me Your strength, courage, acumen, breadth of view, foresight, timing, opportunities, 'Craziness' in the battle.
You alone are allowed, because it will all come back to You